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“At Least 90% of Cricket Batsman Never Reach Their Full Potential”

Here is surefire advice that will make YOU reach your FULL potential – from Conrad Lotz (First Class Cricketer and Premier League Club Batsman)

Batting is at the same time the most rewarding and most frustrating of the cricket disciplines. Rewarding, because when everything comes together you can score a big hundred and be the hero of your team. Frustrating, because you can, after standing in the hot sun fielding all day, be bowled first ball for a golden duck.

So, how can YOU get more rewarding days? More days when see the ball well and pierce the off-side with pinpoint cover drives, clip the ball elegantly through the leg-side or brutally take on the spinner with slog-sweeps into row 14.

Why do some batsman score so many runs while you try everything you can and still not feel satisfied with the amount of runs you score in a season?

The answer lies in being a student of the game. Not just going out to bat with no plan, but actually studying why some batsman score tons of runs and others show potential but never quite get there.

What separates the great batsmen from the average ones?

Square drive

Is it all just natural ability and raw talent or is there something more to it? Is there some magic formula that certain guys have that make them better batsmen?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to becoming a Great Batsman. No magic formula that will make you suddenly hit beautiful on-drives for four when you always use to struggle with the shot

The secret to becoming a great batsman lies in a number of things:

  1. Understanding and doing the basics right
  2. Understanding the psychology behind batting
  3. Knowing how to build a big innings
  4. Knowing what to do when the situations do not suit the batter
  5. Moving with the times and know how to score big and score quickly


What will you learn from this batting guide?

» How to stroke beautiful on-drives and leave bowlers miserable

» All the shots in the book! And a step-by-step guide on how to play them

» Building a big and long innings

» Different approaches to your innings based on the game situation

» When to premeditate a shot and learn how to manage your risk in chasing big runs

» How to play all around the wicket and not just be limited to one side of the wicket

» How to get yourself out of a patch of poor form (or stay in good form)

» Playing viscous uppercuts for 6 over third-man

» Dealing with various type pitches

» How YOU can play spin bowlers and make sure that you get on top of them from the start

» Developing an approach to the three different forms of the game

» How to handle close fielders around you and put the pressure back on them

» Dealing with chirping and sledging from the bowler and fielders

» How to concentrate for hours and still play good shots when you are dead tired

» How to effectively run between the wickets and build massive innings with singles

» What role fitness plays in you building big 100′s and maintaining concentration

Ducking the short ball

Developing Cricket Batsman Tips and Techniques

My name is Conrad Lotz. I am a First Class Cricketer and Premier League Club Batsman. Besides spending hours on the cricket field, I love helping to coach other players to improve their batting.

Pull sequenceBatting is my passion and I strive to better my game with each practise session or middle-session making it interesting and intense as possible. I started at the bottom having never played any major school or University cricket. I started playing for the University 3rd team.

Through hard work and determination over the years I am was able to become the most consistent opening batsman in my province and eventually received First Class honors.

Advancing on the ball with cones

How much is this all worth to you?

How much is this worth to you? What is the value of having all the knowledge of how to stroke beautiful on-drives and how to use the correct techniques to be able to concentrate for every ball for a long game? What is it worth to know cricket batting tips and techniques that no other batsman in your club or league knows?


Your price is only $49

Now you know what you need to become the best batsman in your team.

What is included?

·Complete eBook (over 30 000 words, 8 MB)

·Over 250 colour photographs and figures explaining how to use the tips and techniques described

“Cricket Batsman Secrets is a huge 353-page eBook with everything a batsman needs in Cricket to be successful”

Available as an instant download



I wish you the best of luck and many runs!

Conrad Lotz

First Class Cricketer and Opening Batsman


PS: By ordering today you will see all the tips and techniques used by the cricket batting masters, such as Tendulkar and Ponting


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